The advantages of using a mortgage broker.

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 What are the Advantages of Using Buckingham James for your mortgage?

Well, if you’re thinking about buying a property or raising finance on your property, you are possibly going to need a mortgage.

And if you are planning on applying for a mortgage, maybe you’ve thought about using the services of a mortgage broker.

But, what exactly is a mortgage broker and why would you use one?
Buckingham James is a mortgage broker that acts on your behalf to find the very best mortgage or other secured finance arrangements for you.

When you use our services, we will search for a mortgage product from the many options available throughout the wider marketplace to recommend the one that meets your individual needs.

A number of homeowners or aspiring homeowners wonder if they’d be better off just going to their local high street bank or building society rather than going to the trouble of finding a mortgage broker.

But an increasing number now recognise that mortgage brokers offer significant advantages when it comes to finding a mortgage.

By far the biggest advantage that we have over high street lenders is that we aren’t here to just push one product or promote one company. As independent mortgage brokers, Buckingham James can recommend products from many different lenders.

This means when you come to us you have access to hundreds of lending options which is way beyond the scope of most individuals unlikely to have the time or industry software to sift through all the available products.

Additionally, we deal with specialist lenders offering plans that wouldn’t necessarily fit the rigid criteria of lenders on the high street.

These are just some of the advantages of dealing with Buckingham James. To find out more, contact us today on our National Mortgage Line 0333 987 4087

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