In favour of the Independent Mortgage Broker

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According to recent mortgage industry research, 31% of borrowers who went direct to a lender didn’t know how a mortgage broker could help with their mortgage search.

Interestingly, 60% of those who went directly to a lender when they took out their last mortgage didn’t know that mortgage brokers were actually in business to help borrowers.

And just over a third (34%) thought a mortgage broker was there to support the lender.

This lack of understanding means thousands of borrowers may have missed out on mortgage arrangements that could have been less expensive and overall more suitable to their longer term needs as a result.

The borrowers who did use a mortgage broker were also overwhelmingly in favour of doing so again, with 98% of them saying they found the support of a mortgage adviser invaluable.

As far as recommending the services of an independent mortgage broker, 95% of them said they would definitely recommend using a mortgage broker to family or friends.

We think the figures speak for themselves.

Buckingham James is a proudly independent mortgage broker. We are in business with the prime objective of finding you the most suitable mortgage arrangement available to meets your needs from the many options on offer from the wider market place.

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