Buy To Let Mortgages

Buy to Let

There is no doubt that owning a home of your own is exciting. 

You get the freedom to choose your colour scheme, make the alterations and differences you want to your home and garden and all without facing the possible disapproval of your landlord.

Fancy becoming a landlord?

At some point many homeowners consider becoming landlords themselves but are put off by the thought that investing in a second property to rent out while on a low or tight income may seem impossible, let alone with no current income where the idea of buy to let may seem totally out of the question.

However, there is help at hand. Buckingham James offers a specialised buy to let service that can assist you in becoming a landlord – even for those on a low or no income at all.

Buckingham James can advise you on a special type of non-regulated buy-to-let scheme that does not take into account your personal income. The lenders take the maintenance of the buyers existing personal mortgage as a way of assessing the risk as well as the rental income likely to be generated from the buy to let property.

In terms of loan affordability, the lenders underwrite the risk by reference to the valuation of the buy to let property, rather than setting minimum income thresholds.

The valuation provides the lender with the security they need to process the loan. This arrangement is distinctly different from other mortgage services due to the nature of the relationship between the landlord and the lender which is strictly a business to business exchange.

Call Buckingham James and find out how you can get started in the buy to let market.

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