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Preparing your mortgage documentation

You have found the ideal home and you have spoken to us to find a suitable  mortgage for your eagerly awaited purchase.

Once we have sight of certain documents such as proof of your income and your ID, we can approach a lender and request they consider an Agreement In Principle (AIP).

At that point we then submit a full application to that lender.

Borrowers who go direct to a lender can come unstuck and fail to achieve the result they want – such as paying a higher interest rate than they needed to, or too much money in potential early redemption fees. Or may incur lengthily delays because they simply have not presented the lender with the information in the right order or in a timely manner.

Preparing your documentation for a mortgage when done correctly can save a lot of time and trouble and get you to your goal as quickly as possible.

At Buckingham James we have many years of experience and understand how to prepare your documentation in a way that lenders appreciate.

To help you through the process of preparing your mortgage application in the right way, we’ve provided a link to our helpful guide and checklist.