Want to save up to £200.00 per month on your mortgage?

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How to save up to £200.00 per month on your mortgage.

With UK interest rates rising you could save up to £200 per month just by switching!

Unless you have a long term fixed-rate mortgage the recent interest rate rises are likely to have caused concern for many of the 2 million (approx.) borrowers who are repaying their mortgage on a Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgage arrangement.

Many borrowers will already be feeling the effects of an increase in their monthly repayments following the most recent hike in the Bank of England base rate. And many more will be faced with increased monthly repayments as their current fixed-rate arrangements start to come to an end over the coming months.

With daily living costs hit by rising inflation, considering a fixed-rate remortgage at this time may prove to be advantageous.

Some borrowers will be able to save £200 or more per month by making a switch.

Making a switch will depend on a number of key considerations, but start with a good look at your current situation.

Then get in touch with one of our advisers to discuss your situation in more detail.

To help you consider if this is appropriate for you, we’ve compiled some questions below:

  1. Do you currently have a Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgage?
  2. If you are on an SVR – what are your current monthly costs?
  3. If your current arrangement is on special terms of some sort, when does it come to an end?
  4. Would you have to pay any early redemption charges if you left before the end of your special arrangement term.

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