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Brentwood mortgage broker

Estate agents and vendors really appreciate applicants who can proceed smoothly and quickly and where you are in a position to do so can sometimes help you to negotiate a lower purchase price for your ideal property.

TV programs like Location, Location, Location often report on ‘proceed able’ buyers securing the property of their dreams at a lower price, simply because they are able to move quickly throughout the buying process.

From a vendors point of view a quick and proceed-able sale means they can plan the next phase of their lives with some certainty and the estate agent receives their sales commission all the sooner! Of course there are exceptions to this where vendors and estate agents hold out for higher offers particularly in a sellers’ market, i.e. where demand outstrips supply.

A quick turnaround between application and offer is always our primary aim but it is only one example of why you should choose Buckingham James Financial Services. Here is another.

Specialist lending:

Sometimes applicants fall outside of the normal lending criteria rules set by mortgage providers. For example, applicants with a poor, adverse or bad credit history may find lenders that refuse their application even though the solution to their earlier credit problem may have resolved been some years ago.

Buckingham James Financial Services have access to lenders who will take a more sympathetic but commercial view. This can result in higher interest charges initially but with a good repayment record can mean re-financing to a more favourable rate further down the line.

If you need specialist mortgage advice, contact one of the team at Buckingham James today.


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