Mortgage Broker Essex

Using a Mortgage Broker can save time and costly mistakes

The value of a Mortgage Broker.

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases many people will ever make in their lifetime.

It can be a complicated process that includes surveys, stamp duty, dealing with solicitors and insurances let alone the bewildering number of products with their different interest rates and terms and conditions.

There are lots of moving parts to get to grips with and this is where the experienced Mortgage Broker comes in.

According to research conducted by Legal and General, 25% of respondents said they had used a broker because the mortgage market was too complex and they needed guidance.

ln fact 81% of homeowners agree that the advice of a broker would be quite or extremely valuable when looking for a mortgage.

The research by Legal and General also shows:

82% of respondents said they would use a broker for their next mortgage.

By way of endorsement 92% of those surveyed who had used a broker were quite likely or very likely to recommend using a Mortgage Broker to their friends when they are looking for a mortgage

Many people are unaware of the value a Mortgage Broker delivers:

The research highlighted that as many as 55% of respondents didn’t realise a broker could offer them such a wide choice of mortgage deals.

Only 48% who didn’t use a broker ‘thought’ their bank or building society offered them a good deal – just 23% thought Mortgage Brokers were expensive.

Clearly Mortgage Brokers can offer a stress less, valuable and cost effective route to securing the necessary finance to purchasing a home and Buckingham James are more than equipped to guide clients all the way through the process from beginning to a happy and successful outcome.

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